Beurre Bebe Shea Butter Chamomile-Calendula Balm


Beurre Bebe Shea Butter Chamomile-Calendula Balm is an all-natural healing balm for scrapes, bruises, burns and scratches for toddlers and young children.  Can be used as a soothing and healing diaper rash balm due to its antibacterial, anti inflammatory and healing compounds.  The blend of chamomile and calendula is excellent for eczema and has a calming effect on baby.


Ingredients:  Shea Butter, Calendula Oil, Vitamin E Oil,  Candelilla Wax, Chamomile Oil

Directions:  Apply to affected area liberally.  For use all over the body.  Great for diaper rash, minor skin irritations, and eczema outbreaks.

Important:  Store at room temperature in a dry space.

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