We at Le Beurre Shop are passionate about supporting causes that help women and children in need.  We donate a portion of our proceeds to supporting these charities.  If you love what these charities are doing, you can donate directly by clicking the buttons below.


FairTale Ghana FAIR TALE GHANA –

Le Beurre Shop is a proud partner of Fair Tale Ghana, an organization that works with women from the village of Kongo in Ghana. They produce the highest quality shea butter, which is incorporated into all of our products. All of the proceeds go directly to these women, which in turn supports the village and pays to support various educational, sports and after-school projects.

They Often Cry Outreach (TOCO) is a 501(c)(3), U.S. based, not-for profit organization founded by St. Lucian musician Taj Weekes and Beurre founder Shirley Menard. TOCO’s mission is to raise awareness and address the issues that affect Caribbean youth through comprehensive projects and initiatives that will be implemented on every island in the Caribbean. TOCO’s projects range from after school soccer programs, a diabetes awareness campaign, a domestic violence awareness campaign, and school programs. TOCO implements its programs by traveling to the Caribbean on “mission trips” to execute its programs and meet those who benefit from their programs on the ground.

cocadlogo COCAD-HAITI –

The Christian Coalition for Action and Development, Inc. is dedicated to empowering disadvantaged Haitian women through self-help projects and employment opportunities allowing them to become a real force for change in their communities. Through their microcredit program, COCAD helps women in various villages in Haiti to establish their own businesses, support their families and uplift their communities. The program has already benefited more than 2,500 people in rural communities and to date, five hundred women have successfully set up small businesses in Northern Haiti. Through village banking, COCAD put small loans of $100 in the hands of poverty stricken women via their local financial associations. The loans are guaranteed by the recipients and are used to set up small businesses. More than 90 cents of every dollar donated to COCAD goes straight to the loan capital and approximately 85% of the loans are repaid as these women move to self-sufficiency.