OUR COMPANY ✨  Pure.  Natural.  Rich.

Beurre (butter in French) is a shea butter skincare brand that believes skincare should be simple.  Our unique cold-pressed technique maintains 100% nutritional integrity in our butters and balms.  Beurre is vegan, cruelty-free, and contains ethically sourced unrefined Shea Butter from Ghana.  Our signature light, creamy texture moisturizes and hydrates all skin types, making any skincare routine beautifully simple.



OUR HISTORY  ✨  The Evolution of Beurre

Beurre began with a simple introduction to a brick of shea butter.  Transforming this treasure trove of vitamins, minerals and natural moisturizers into a cream that hydrates, moisturizes, soothes and revitalizes skin was a five-year process of researching, creating and perfecting a variety of blends.  Beurre (butter in French) evolved into a simple approach to skin care, with a philosophy of presenting skin care as health care. When it comes to health and beauty, people are going back to the basics. Each one of our ingredients is designed to nurture, enhance, and heal the skin.  The focus is to create shea butter product lines that are simple, basic, pure, rich and universal.  Our vision is to provide high quality, healthy, natural products to customers looking for healthy and natural solutions to skin care.



OUR FOUNDER ✨ Shirley J. Menard

I’m a New York born, Caribbean bred, Ivy League educated lawyer turned entrepreneur who fell in love with shea butter and wanted to share that love with the world. Beurre was created as a natural solution to universal skincare needs. Through months of research, testing and failures, I found my passion in creating new formulations and products. A business was born. Family, friends and customers give Beurre rave reviews. Now with an expanding line of products, my dream of sharing shea butter with the world is coming true.

I’ve put together a team of health care professionals to create a simple, healthy approach to skin care.  I think I was born with the entrepreneurial spirit. Actually, it’s in my blood.  One of my grandfathers owned a coffee farm in Haiti; the other owned a dry goods store that sold everything from flour to whiskey.  From them, I have learned that entrepreneurialism takes passion, risks, hard work and vision.  I’ve found my passion in shea butter – it occupies my mind.  I’m constantly thinking about how to make it better, creating new products, figuring out how to reach new people.  My vision is to build Beurre into an international brand, known for providing high quality, healthy, natural products to customers looking for healthy and natural solutions to skin care.  With my passion and vision firmly established, risks and hard work are just par for the course.