An  invigorating, healthy, natural, homemade skin  care line that visibly improves all skin  types to a youthful, soft, supple tone. At Le Beurre Shop, we only use authentic, high quality, 100% natural ingredients – incorporating them into a harmonious blend of moisturizing oils and unrefined shea butter.  Le Beurre Shop is a natural skin care company based in New York that focuses on giving customers pure and natural ingredients in all of our products.


All of our products are fresh, handmade and contain over 80% shea butter


None of our products are tested on animals, nor do they contain any chemicals or fragrances that are not derived from pure, natural oils. Our goal is to provide the most natural, healthy approach to skin care.  We guarantee that with proper and consistent use of our products, dry, cracked, chapped, damaged skin will become more balanced, healthy and beautiful.


Shea butter body cream

Beurre Essentiel contains protective and conditioning qualities that make it an excellent choice for dry skin.   Infused with skin quenching oils such as grapeseed, jojoba, vitamin E, and aromatic scents, Beurre immediately melts into dry skin, penetrating it with nutrient rich moisture.  The texture and elasticity of your skin will improve dramatically with daily use of Beurre, making it a superb natural dry skin care treatment.  Beurre Essentiel comes in 5 wonderfully vibrant scents – Lavender, Vanilla, Lemongrass, Sage and Unscented (a natural, nutty scent of shea butter).


Shea butter face cream

Beurre Visage, an ultra-rich face cream, blends the same moisturizing and healing ingredients as Beurre Essentiel with the addition of monoi oil, a luxurious Tahitian coconut oil infused with Tahitian Gardenia flowers.  Known for its soothing and purifying properties, monoi oil gives Beurre Visage a soft, silky feel with a natural floral scent.


Shea butter lip balm

Beurre Baume blends soy wax (an amazing vegan alternative to petroleum and animal waxes) with the soothing elements of shea butter and natural oils to relieve dry lips in an instant.

100% Pure, Natural, Rich
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“Beurre shea butter cream is amazing! My skin has never felt so soft… and the scents are incredible!”

Kimberly A., New York, NY

“I’m a product fiend, I admit. I have tried most of the high-end brands and in my book, Beurre ranks with the best of them. 
The versatility of the product’s benefits allows me to use it in various ways: from mixing it with my body cream, to using it as
lip balm under lipstick. J’adore Beurre.”

Martine S., Montreal, Canada

“I keep this product on my desk at work and use it throughout the day.  It’s the ultimate moisturizer, definitely a must for both men and woman.”

Brynn B., Atlanta, GA

“When I ran out of my moisturizer, I decided to try something new and I’m glad I did. Le Beurre Shop’s quality products are so pure + simple! The combination of naturally sourced ingredients is perfect for sensitive, dry or problem skin. My skin has never felt happier!”

Kristen P., Malibu, CA

“I love the smooth texture, smell, and how easily Le Beurre Shop’s products rubs into my skin leaving it soft even in the harsh winter months.”

Dana L., Queens, NY

“My body may feel like I’m in my 40s, but my skin feels like I’m still a teenager! Thanks to Beurre both me and my baby girl are baby smooth!”

Lorna W., Detroit, MI

“Beurre is a great addition to my skin care regimen. I enjoy the silkiness of the cream and the long lasting smoothness it leaves my skin.
I truly love the vanilla scented Beurre which smells pleasant but not overwhelming.”

Patricia E., West Haven, CT

“This is a more than affordable all-around fabulous product! I recommend trying it for yourself or giving as a gift. It goes on a little greasy but will soak in and is worth it. What girl doesn’t love a good all-purpose moisturizer?”

Caroline B., Katonah, NY



SHEA BUTTER – A staple of skin care in Africa for centuries, Shea Butter is a treasure trove of richness and beauty.  Extracted from the nut of shea trees found in Central and West Africa, Shea Butter contains vitamins A, E, and F, fatty acids, minerals and natural moisturizers that protect, nourish, soothe, heal and regenerate your skin. Shea Butter hydrates the skin, provides collagen, reduces wrinkles, heals dry skin, wounds and insect bites, protects the skin from wind and sun damage, reduces blemishes and stretch marks, and revitalizes dull, lifeless skin.  Simply put, when it comes to skin care, Shea Butter is perfection.

GRAPESEED OIL – Grapeseed oil is obtained by pressing grapeseeds and contains many emollient properties.  Used as a mild astringent, grapeseed oil helps tighten and tone your skin and is a key ingredient in anti-aging skin care products.  It is also rich in vitamins, minerals, protein and contains several antioxidents.  Not only does it nourish your skin, it also helps keep it smooth and subtle by locking in moisture.

JOJOBA OIL – Jojoba oil is the extract from the seed of the jojoba tree found in the southern United States and Mexico.  It is actually more of a liquid wax than an oil, making its properties structurally and chemically similar to human skin.  In essence, when used on your skin, it acts as a substitute, thus balancing the oils in your skin.  Jojoba oil is an excellent moisturizer, nourishing and revitalizing your skin without clogging your pores.  It also absorbs immediately into your skin without leaving an oily residue.

VITAMIN E OIL – Vitamin E oil is a fat soluable vitamin that acts as an antioxident, protecting our bodies from the free radicals that cause damage to body tissues, cell and organs as well as premature aging.  Known as a complete beauty solution, vitamin E oil has numerous benefits to skin for its cleansing and moisturizing properties.  Vitamin E oil is a primary ingredient in moisturizers and is key to fighting wrinkles.

MONOI OIL – Monoi oil is a French-Tahitian oil that is a pure blend of coconut oil and Tahitian Gardenia – a Polynesian flower known for its beautifully delicate perfume scent.  Soft and supple to the skin, this luxurious natural moisturizer has been used for centuries by Polynesian women to purify and soothe the skin, leaving a silky light feel.

ESSENTIAL OILS – Essential oils are concentrated extracts from plant leaves, roots, stems or flowers.  Commonly used in aromatherapy, essential oils are used to promote physical as well as emotional healing.  The active ingredients in each oil determines its healing properties.  Beurre Essentiel’s leading scents are LAVENDER and VANILLA

RICE POWDER – Rice powder, refined starch from rice, has been used for centuries in Asian cultures.  It was used by Japanese Geishas and in the ancient art of Aurveda – a holistic healing practice.  Not only is it considered an emollient rich skin care ingredient, it is used to soothe inflamed acne and skin ulcerations.  It also slowly absorbs oil, giving the skin a shine free finish.  Rice powder is known for its moisturizing and water retaining effects and its ability to increase collagen production, leaving younger, healthy looking skin.

PURIFIED WATER – Purified water acts in conjunction with all other ingredients in Beurre to evenly distribute the shea butter and oils on your skin.  Free of all chemicals, bacteria and other impurities, purified water helps to moisturize your skin.

SOY LECITHIN – Soy lecithin is extracted from soybeans and is a by product of soybean production.  In skin care, it is used as an emulsifier, giving Beurre its light, creamy texture.  It also acts as a natural preservative.

SOY WAX – Soy wax is hydrogenated soybean oil.   As a vegan alternative to petroleum and animal waxes, soy wax adds a wonderful soothing quality to natural lip balms.